Coggit is a software house with a difference: the "code" we write for our clients is in XML. We do this because it is:

  • Simple – there is no need to translate business logic into a programming language, the business logic IS the code
  • Transparent – you do not need to be a computer expert to read, understand (or indeed, write) your code
  • Platform independent – code works the same regardless of what language or platform it is implemented in
  • Back-compatible – code can be inserted into your existing environment
  • Easy to test – you can audit, test and implement your code in different environments
  • Efficient – you can re-use code anywhere in your business
  • Easy to maintain – we can deliver the engine that implements your code in your choice of programming language

Our approach naturally emphasises accuracy rather than speed of delivery. However, in practice, our approach is often quicker, primarily because we minimise mistakes, but also because it is so straightforward for us to re-use our own code. This is why we are happy to keep adding new tools to our free tools section – see the link below right.

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